Whisky Flavour was created by a whisky enthusiast driven by the desire to explore and savor different kinds of whisky in the most convenient and affordable way. It’s often impractical to invest in a full bottle of whisky you’ve been curious about, especially when your expectations might not be met. For fellow whisky lovers who enjoy sampling a variety of bottles, brands, and ages, we developed Whisky Flavour. We believe this solution allows you to taste a range of whiskies without the long-term commitment of purchasing a full bottle.

Whisky Flavour offers a single subscription box, featuring 4 original branded miniatures each month. This allows you to satisfy your curiosity and expand your whisky repertoire with ease.


Whisky Flavour’s mission is to provide whisky enthusiasts with the opportunity to experience a wide variety of brands and types of whisky. By making even the most expensive brands affordable and accessible, we aim to ensure that more people can enjoy the diverse world of whisky.


Whisky Flavour envisions becoming a leading reference in the whisky industry, revolutionizing the way consumers and brands interact. By offering unique tasting opportunities, we aim to increase consumer awareness of the diverse and remarkable brands and manufacturing processes available. Simultaneously, whisky brands will have the chance to reach a broader audience, fostering long-term relationships with a growing number of consumers.


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